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Sinan R. Sabbagh Certified Public Accountant office was established by the auditor and consultant Sinan R. Sabbagh in 2013, in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan, Iraq. Sinan R. Sabbagh has about 20 years of accounting and auditing experience in different sectors, He hold a Bachelor Degree in accounting since 2001, and also a Certified Public accountant license in Erbil / Kurdistan Iraq (License# 57 in 2012). and he managing the office operations in Kurdistan region, providing auditing and tax services to several clients, where there business are focused on Banks, Oil & Gas, NGOs, and Conglomerates. In addition on the above we have a selection of accountants and chartered accountants highly qualified and who have practical experience in accounting and auditor field. We are ensures that the complex processes involved in properly maintaining your books and records are in accordance with the rules and regulations of both local and international standards. Our professional and dedicated staff will carry out your bookkeeping; prepare your year-end accounts, payroll, and taxes in a flexible and timely manner.

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رقم الهاتف: 07504436701

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سبتمبر 26, 2021

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سبتمبر 26, 2021




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